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In This Pandemic Parent Life, You Do You

It’s nearing 5:00am on Thanksgiving morning, I’ve just sat down to draft my next post. I’m in my downstairs office but I’m thinking about what’s left to do upstairs. I decided to do takeout from Duck Inn for our meal, pie from Hooiser Mama, and even ordered a tablescape and an arrangement from Flowers for … Read more

Figure Out How To Manage Life During Covid So You Can Enjoy It Again

Surviving Quarantine

    Welcome to week eight of sheltering in place with our children and both of our jobs during covid. Just livin’ life without whatever boundaries we once had between work and life. We’re missing our people, the teachers, extracurriculars, and nights out in public. One of the emotions I’m feeling a lot of is … Read more

Plan Your 2020 With Four Steps

New Year, New You? One year has ended and a new decade is just about to begin. Here’s your fresh start to inspire and motivate you towards those goals to feel more present and in the moment. It’s prime planning time. Take some time today or tomorrow to strategize how you’ll get there. In this … Read more

How to Outsource and Organize a Family Calendar to Regain Your Weekend

Life with multiple children meant it moved at an unmanageable pace. We needed to make changes to regain our time. Here’s how I reevaluated the day-to-day and systemized our household to bring the weekend back into our lives.

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Grab Your Pandemic Practices Cheat Sheets. 🙌

Life during COVID has given you more hats to wear and more important decisions to make. With so much on our shoulders, I would love to share this downloadable resource to make life a little easier right now.