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At Thanks, Julia we see concrete outcomes, results, and benefits from the clarity conversations and hands-on help we provide all of our clients.

We’re designed to become intuitive to your needs and the way you like things to be done, becoming a seamless part of your life, running in the background and here whenever you need us.

Our clients are the reason why we love what we do. We strive to make a difference, to help you get back to what’s important. So you can feel present and happy again

Here are a couple of examples of how we do that…

Tessa + Molly

Their Story

Clients: Tessa + Molly with Elenor, Arlo, Freddie and Coltrane (their dog)
Chosen Plan: The Wind Beneath Your Wings

A bit about them:

Overwhelmed parents to three children.
Molly works full time in hospitality and travels often for work, nationally and internationally.
Tessa is self-employed and is returning from maternity leave from a busy content marketing firm, while she juggles the children’s care and schedules.

What’s important to them:

Right now… just survival. Having a newborn and older children is  a lot. 
Finding quality time with family and friends for their own self-care.
Their professions.

How Thanks, Julia helped:

  • Researched contractors for multiple home improvements before Freddie’s birth.
  • Set up summer camp schedules for Elenor + Arlo.
  • Fourth (& Fifth!) Trimester planning, including doing their doula research, creating their outsourcing plan, and organizing their Meal Train.
  • Planned Arlo’s fourth birthday party.
  • Coordinated back to school season for the two older kids.
  • Found a doggy daycare with pet taxi services for Coltrane.


Molly – “It’s never easy to admit that you’re drowning. While my relationship with Tessa is so strong, I know we were both individually struggling to identify what we needed to offload from our very full plates. Thanks, Julia provided that guidance and it made a world of difference to find someone to coach us through that process.” 

Tessa – “Seeing my list shorten up week after week helped me rest, recover and breathe easier. I was so overwhelmed by the new baby while meeting the other kid’s needs. Thanks, Julia set up a plan that helped my wife and I to work better together. We accomplished more but also resourced Julia who helped us pull it all off. We’re really thankful.”


Her Story

Clients: Anne with Leo 
Chosen Plan: The Sidekick

A bit about her:

Busy single parent to one son.
Anne works full time in health care.
She’s navigating new waters and never anticipated doing this on her own.

What’s important to her:

Spending quality time with friends.
Leo’s happiness and adjustment to his parent’s recent divorce.
Traveling cross-country to see their immediate family a few times a year.
Staying involved with Leo’s school.

How Thanks, Julia helped:

  • Researched and priced moving companies.
  • Coordinated a packing and unpacking service.
  • Found a reliable handyman who will check in with Anne monthly.
  • Helped coordinate afterschool coverage for Leo while Anne was still at work.
  • Created an outsourcing strategy for Anne to make life easier.
  • Found Leo a reputable and really wonderful therapist in Anne’s insurance network.


Anne – “Thanks, Julia helped me feel less alone while I reset life following my divorce. With Julia’s encouragement, I felt self-assured in the decisions I made for my son’s care during one of the most challenging times of my life. I couldn’t have done this without her. She’s become a dear friend to me.”

Megan + Chris

Their Story

Clients: Megan + Chris with Emily and Theo
Chosen Plan: The Superhero

A bit about them:

Busy parents to two children.
They’re renters while renovating their soon-to-be dream home.
Chris works full time in financial services and has a long commute from where they live to where he works.
Megan runs an event planning company with her sisters, while she juggles the children’s care and schedules

What’s important to them:

Family + friends
Spending quality time together
Career + building the family business
Cycling, running, triathlons + keeping healthy
Camping trips away with the kids

How Thanks, Julia helped:

  • Researched vendors and contractors and collect estimates/quotes.
  • Researched long term childcare coverage and helped hire their nanny.
  • Wrote their household guidebook for their nanny.
  • Researched and provided ongoing support for small to large home renovation projects.
  • Created their trip itinerary for a week in Colorado.
  • Set-up important date reminders in Chris’s calendar.


Chris – “Julia became one of Megan’s best friends. I could tell by the end of week one of those two working together, that Megan felt better. She was visibly lighter. While I wish I could have been more supportive, my work had me overwhelmed by a huge project I never could have stepped away from. I’m really grateful for the support. She made life easier for our entire family.”

Megan – “We hired Thanks, Julia because I was so burnt out by our seemingly never ending reno project. While Chris has been supportive of whatever I needed to juggle work with the kids, I was fatigued making decision after decision alone. Julia stepped in and just made me feel like I had two of me. She kept it together while I kept other things together. We became partners in managing my household, which helped me resent Chris less. Just recently he and I got out for a date, and it was so nice to reconnect with him. We finally have less to worry about and are finally more present for each other and the kids.”

Julia’s Roundup

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