Your Household’s Project Manager

Eliminate your overwhelm during the pandemic.

When you invest in your own personalized support system, you add priceless value to your career, your Zoom hangs (formally known as your social time), your passion projects, and your overall quality of life.

Thanks, Julia can build that support system for you.

We’re here to be a “second you” and to ease the challenges you’re carrying,
so you can breathe a little easier while managing it all.
Let’s take care of what’s distracting you so you can be the version of you that you want to be.

Regain time to be the parent, partner, friend, or daughter you want to be.

You are not alone.

We are in this together.

I’m Julia Rohan and I’m really glad you’re here. We are grieving in crisis together.

I want to help you through this pandemic. I’m a project manager with over 20 years experience organizing the details. My approach is practical, proactive, and compassionate.
I help people finish and automate their most time-consuming projects at home. I get them to live more presently instead of thinking of what needs to get done.

I’m also a mom. And a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety. I know what it’s like to not be ok, to feel like no one is there to help, which is how many of us feel right now during COVID. I deeply understand how overwhelmed you must feel and I want to help you lift some of that burden.

That experience is the motivation behind creating Thanks, Julia.


  • A reliable extra pair of hands (aka a second you)
  • No longer feeling distracted, annoyed, or anxious about your to-do list.
  • Reclaimed time to do more of what you love and enjoy.
  • Peace of mind that your hourly rate is worth more than the time and hassle of handling tasks yourself.

Uncover Your Overwhelm

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Maybe you…

  • Believe this pressure you’re feeling couldn’t possibly be managed by someone else.
  • Can’t stand delegating or are afraid that if you outsource tasks will end up taking double or triple the amount of time it would take you to just do it (if you had the time).
  • Think your to-do’s are solely your job to do, that they’re part of your role in your home.
  • Feel that your time is valued less than any service charges.
  • Are self-conscious of what you need to get done.
  • Have never asked for help before and feel vulnerable or uneasy.

Our solutions will inspire new thinking and behavior that create focus and clarity to support your goals.

It’s time to get it all done but it doesn’t have to be all done by you.

It’s impossible to do it all and achieve everything within a day—
yet that doesn’t seem to stop us from trying.

Juggling multiple roles and endless to-do lists means we’re constantly making decisions and ranking priorities on the fly. (Call to get that overdue rain gutter estimate or follow up with Jane’s teacher about this week’s distance learning assignment? Join that virtual spin class you love or knock out grocery shopping for the week?) At times, the burden of this role kinda sucks. That always-on pressure can affect your quality of life, how you relate to your partner, or even your children.

We may be living hour by hour in our homes for now, but you still deserve to feel happy.

But who’s going to handle this tsunami of overdue items, overlooked tasks and off-the-rail household systems first?

Thanks, Julia will do all the heavy lifting.

We’ll ask the right questions to organize your thoughts and pull all of your to-do’s out of your head. We’ll take detailed notes to help break down your goals into realistic action steps. We’ll help you figure out who does what, because it doesn’t always need to be just you. From there we’ll track the results and progress.

Thanks, Julia approaches your goals like a project manager would.

Working collaboratively with you, we’ll build out a plan for you and your household. We’ll create tasks, helping you communicate what you need from others, specify deadlines, and track tasks as they are started, in-process, and completed. And you can tap us as much as you need for implementation.

Happy Clients

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