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Welcome to week eight of sheltering in place with our children and both of our jobs during covid. Just livin’ life without whatever boundaries we once had between work and life. We’re missing our people, the teachers, extracurriculars, and nights out in public.

One of the emotions I’m feeling a lot of is guilt. Guilt over complaining about (comparatively) stupid stuff. Guilt over losing my patience with my kids, because they need me to be a stable adult. Guilt over being able to go out and buy a few weeks of groceries at a time, when others are having to make trips only when their bank accounts allow.


Guilt over spending two hours zoned out on the couch watching Bravo. I feel an immense amount of guilt over the ease with which our home was able to transition to homeschool and working from home, since it was already so close to our regular life and our kids are still young. I feel like such an asshole complaining about any of it.

I often feel like we’re cast members of a terrible reality show and the season will never end.

Last November, I opened this business to serve families overwhelmed by day-to-day life.

Picturing my perfect client, I saw them so busy in the world, trying to get it all done, that they weren’t able to enjoy what truly mattered to them. I wanted to create customized outsourcing strategies so parents could relax and be present for the people they loved most.

Oh Coronavirus.

Now, let’s make this clear: how this business is affected by a pandemic is the least of my concerns. I’m ok and I’ll ride it out, it will be here to grow when this is over. Because if Covid is teaching me anything: simplicity is good. All I care about is making it to the other side of this pandemic with a healthy family.


But it was those Zoom calls! Without the ability to be physically close to anyone, we’ve taken the pandemic as an opportunity to reach as far and as wide as possible, creating an abundance of sudden connectivity where we see one another’s faces. Closely. With each mandated week at home, I join as much as I can commit to. And I’m seeing our collective worry, anxiety, and pain building. We’re struggling.


Watching the faces of all the people I love and care about change, I decided it was worth thinking out new ideas for how to still be of service to families. Pandemic or not, in about half of America’s two-parent households, both parents work full time. But now they’re responsible for every other role. The pandemic is exposing a lot of bad stuff. We’re not doing well, we’re overwhelmed, and burning out. Quick.


Now I’m offering pandemic-focused household support. I’m working with people one on one to problem solve whatever is happening in their homes so they can survive this crisis. I’m helping people put actionable goals behind the words they’re expressing. We’re brainstorming together to find solutions and outcomes to get through this unsustainable time.


Introducing Your Game Plan During COVID-19

Some results of you and I working together include:

  • You’ll recognize what works specifically for your family and get one-to-one help in designing a plan that feels fair to implement during COVID-19 so you can stop resenting the situation and start feeling more in control.
  • You’ll receive a plan of action with a resource guide tailored to your family’s needs. The guide will include space for jotting down the results of the intentional choices and clearly defined task lists you helped to create for the household.
  • You’ll leave knowing which boundaries provide you with the most sanity so you can celebrate the newfound time and feel confident and calm in this uncertain time.

You know that it’s totally acceptable to get some help with a task like this. It’s a lot of work and it’s a lot easier to do with someone who gets it. I can help and this is my jam.

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Here’s where we commiserate. Leave a comment or tell me how you’re feeling.

  • How’s this shelter-in-place order affecting you?
  • What do you miss more than anything right now?

Put your stories in the comments. Thank you so much for reading, for your candidness, and for helping others by doing so!

With love,

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